Friday, January 20, 2012


Paul and I did it. We finally decided to re-carpet the living room.

We have decided we will do things little by little. Makes more sense…financially and all that.

So…we pulled up the carpet in the living room {by we I mean Paul}. Before the carpet got to the house, Paul asked the kids if they wanted to write their names on the plywood.

Well of course they did.

SAM_0033 SAM_0034

So now…if we ever move (which will happen someday I’m sure)

SAM_0035 SAM_0036

and someone rips up the beautiful carpet we had installed

SAM_0037 SAM_0038

they will find 7 names written on the plywood.


Because this was our home.

Wanna see what the new carpet looks like?


Oh…that picture has something blocking the view of the carpet. That something is a someone that we Red heart.