Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The morning continued…

So what happens after the kids get to school and I head home?

I empty the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, reload the dishwasher, clean off the kitchen table, change Cooper’s diaper again and sometimes, work out. I really do like working out. Well, maybe not. BUT I love the way I feel after. Sage and Cooper love to help me with yoga. Sage does the same moves. It is really funny. I also make my bed, and pick up a few things here and there.

If I take a shower, Sage always tells me she stinks and needs a shower too. We write her name in the steam on the glass doors. She likes to write Cooper’s name for him. He likes to try to open the shower doors.

After that, get dressed, teeth, hair and makeup. SOMETIMES. Sometimes, I just brush my teeth and call it good.

Then it’s time to switch laundry. I check my email really quickly. Coop and I have a fantastic game or two of me chasing him around the living room. It always ends with him giggling.

BY NOW…it’s usually 11:45ish. LUNCH-TIME! I throw something together for Sage and Coop and myself. After lunch, one more diaper change for Coop and off to bed Fred! Sage decides where she is napping, Connor’s room or hers. She always picks Connor’s room. Mostly because she can I suppose.

Dear, sweet, lovely naptime. I load the dishwasher with lunch dishes. Sweep up the floor and head to the computer. I answer emails, play on Facebook or blog. This is also when I edit photo-shoots.

Nap-time always flies by. I get Cooper and Sage up at 3PM. Change diaper. Quick bottle. And we are out the door by 3:12PM. We head to the dreaded car line at school. The parking lot and design was not made to be easy on anyone. The kids get out at 3:25PM. It is a transition time for Coop and Sage to wake up also. The kids come out and off we head…home!

We get home and I tell the kids they all need to pick up their room. At least 5 things. Snack time also follows right when we get home. My kids act like they will never eat again on some days. It’s crazy!

After they have picked up and eaten, they get to play for awhile.

I start cooking dinner around 5:15ish. Except on nights when Shayne has basketball. Her practice is from 5:30—6:30PM. On those evenings, we wait.

After dinner is homework, spelling, and pickup time.

At 7:30—7:45PM it is time for showers and/or baths, depending on the kid. After showers, brush teeth again, and pick out clothes for the next day. Then reading time. Or a short movie.

By 8:45 all the kids are in bed. And I am tired. I load the dishwasher and run it. Make sure there is nothing in the washer. Check email again. Facebook.Blog.Photos.

By 9:30, I head upstairs with a big cup of water. I watch TV or read. I usually have a really hard time falling asleep, but by 11PM I am usually out.

And then I beat the alarm clock again when it goes off at 6:30AM.


That is a typical day for me. There are some differences occasionally. But for the most part…yep, that’s a day for me.


  1. Now I know why God had me have you kids at a young age...this poops me out just reading and visualizing your day!