Monday, November 28, 2011

This week…

is going to be a little bit busy.


Tonight, Shayne has her first basketball practice at 5:30PM. At 6:30ish, she has a concert—OUTSIDE—for the school’s singing group. Tomorrow morning I have a shoot (which I am totally excited for! Seriously!!). Tomorrow evening, Shayne has b-ball practice again at 5:30PM. Wednesday morning, singing group early for Shayne. Thursday, I have Bunko. Sunday—another shoot.

I know…it doesn’t seem like that much but…you add in the errand running that I have to do (which is a lot since I am going to completely finish my shopping this week!) and all the stuff around the house and the editing shoots and…yep. It’s gonna be busy.


And I can’t wait!

Cooper has a secret.

Wanna know what it is?



You can’t see it in that picture but…he got another…



And a haircut.

I almost cried.

I’ll show you those photos soon.

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  1. I remember those hectic times. I loved Cooper's haircut. He is just so darn adorable!!