Friday, November 18, 2011


I haven’t posted about a couple of angels because I don’t give all details of my life out on the ol’ blog world. This is important though.

My brother and his wife had twins a few days ago.

(They don’t live near us so I asked if I could snag some of their Facebook photos for this post)

Lillie Ann Grace

Luke Harris Wolff

They were born at 28 weeks gestation, which means they were 12 weeks early. Luke weighed 2 lbs 9oz and Lillie weighed 2 lbs 6oz.

Here is Lillie:

337737_310199975658061_100000041839446_1352957_814799839_o 381537_10150460841161323_502871322_10707556_484707066_n386808_10150460840986323_502871322_10707554_1429332976_n300755_10150460257756323_502871322_10705779_1751715697_n

Tiny but pretty strong. She had to have surgery to close a flap that is supposed to close upon birth but doesn’t always (and in preemies, this surgery is semi-common).

Here is Luke:

308534_10150460262361323_502871322_10705791_584415345_n 325089_309638115714247_100000041839446_1351359_846369462_o 337068_309771912367534_100000041839446_1351858_1242624143_o 375516_10150460841231323_502871322_10707557_1268329012_n

He has his hands up like he is praying a lot. He is struggling now. He had blood in his lungs over the same flap issue as his sister. The surgery went well for both of them.

Here is where it changes.

Luke now has a level 4 bleed on his brain. Unlike his sister, who is trying to breathe on her own, he is not. The Drs. are now saying that if the bleed spreads to anymore areas of his brain, they may need to consider taking him off of life support.

Here is my plea:

Please pray for this sweet little baby. Pray that the bleed goes away and does no harm to him. Please pray that his sister continues to do as well as she seems to be doing now. Please pray for my brother and sister-in-law as they go through this scary roller coaster in life right now.

I will keep you updated on everything as I hear from my brother.


  1. So sad, but I can vouch for the strength of teeny tiny babies. My nephew, born 10.5 weeks early, many, many complications, is now a happy, healthy 6 year old and is as big as a horse.

    Will keep them in my thoughts and here's to a super, speedy, growing-growing-growing recovery!

  2. Lifting these two precious babies up to my Heavenly Father this evening and praying for you and your brother's families as well!! Please update on them!