Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another one bites the dust…

Little cameras (aka point and shoot) are not made to survive in my household.

Yep. The little camera is…not working. Broken.

Why? How? What? Where?

Oh…wait. I better explain.

Many moons ago, I had a Canon point and shoot (I don’t remember which model exactly). I lovingly called it the “crappy camera”. No. It wasn’t crappy. It just wasn’t my “professional” dslr.  So why would I want a little camera if I have the big one? Because I don’t always want to carry the big one. There are times I don’t want to be behind the camera…I want to be in the moment. Make sense?

So when the Canon bit the dust after being dropped a number…a big number…of times, I decided I would give Nikon a chance.

What was my verdict on the Nikon?

I really, really like Canon’s better. In my opinion, they are more user friendly. Just my opinion though. Lots of people like Nikons way more than Canon. Kudos to them. And kudos to those that like any other brand.

So what now?

I am going to get another point and shoot. Despite Paul’s vehement, “I’m not wasting any more money on the little ones!” comment.

So…what should I do?

My first camera (that I remember what it was) was an Olympus film. It was excellent! I spent a fortune developing film before we went digital in 2005.

No…I’m not going back to film. BUT should I stick with Canon. I’m NOT going back with Nikon (sorry for all of you Nikon loving folks). Sony…Olympus…Fuji (is that even one? I’m just saying names now).




Oh…what happened to the little Nikon to make it not function?

I have evidence.


It didn’t like little fingers being pushed on the lens. HARD. A few times.

Who did it? Name starts with “S” and ends with “age.” I know. Get your detective gear out and solve the mystery!

(this was the last photo the Nikon took. RIP little Nikon)

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  1. I love my little Cannon. Remember the fantastic shots I got from the balcony of our ship of the glacier?