Saturday, October 8, 2011

What I have been doing…

{besides all my “MOM AND HOUSEHOLD MANAGER” stuff. And setting some posts to auto publish.}

Lots of shoots!

Which is a totally wonderful thing. I’m not done editing my shoot from Wednesday morning but it involved a little sweetie that is 3 months old now.

This one:

10 copy 

The little girls are perfect. The newest one is only 2 weeks old. She was one of the most wide awake newborns I’ve ever seen. And…she was a potty machine.

This one:


is from the same day that I showed you the picture of my kids on the hay bale. Yep, that is Paul’s brother and his family. This was my favorite picture from that shoot.

This one:


I’ve done these girls pictures a few times now. This picture fits their personality so well. The little one is laughing.

With the beautiful colors around us right now, I am booked on the weekends except for one Sunday this month. Not a bad thing…