Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Liar, liar pants on fire…

Man, wouldn’t that just stink if that were true. Most of the world would be walking around or rolling around with pants a’blazin!

What all have I lied about?

1. My weight.

2. To not hurt someone’s feelings when they ask how they look.

3. If I had done something but didn’t want to get busted.

4. If I know where something is but don’t want to get it for my kids {bubbles and Play Doh are the top ones in this item}.

5. More things than I remember for this list.

Things I haven’t lied about:

1. Santa and the Tooth Fairy—I ALWAYS tell my kids the spirit of Santa is very real or they wouldn’t get anything. And the Tooth Fairy, I just let them think whatever their hearts desire. Taking these things away is sad. It is nothing but innocence believing in them.

2. If I see a baby that isn’t the cutest {come on. You all know of at least one}. What do I say? Anything else that is nice and true. “What a sweetie.” All babies are sweet after all.

3. Money. What do I say? “It’s none of your business.”

4. My weight…when I was skinny.

5. My home being a mess. I have 5 darlings that live with me full time you know. Full time messes included.

6. Scaring the kids is funny sometimes…the Halloween aisle is more a treat for me than for them. Having older sisters that scared you taught me well. I’m passing the tradition onto my kids.

So the point of this post…

We all lie. Or have lied. Or will lie again.

I do make it a point to tell the truth more though. So, if “you can’t handle the truth” {name that movie}, don’t ask me.

Do you?


  1. You big fat fibber! And Jack Nicholson said that in "A Few Good Men". DUH. He's my man!