Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I just realized…

I hadn’t blogged about Sage’s birthday party. Silly me.

{Again…I do this because this is a scrapbook of sorts…I will have my blog printed into an album and I will have all the details at the tips of my fingers!}

So…the theme for Sage’s birthday this year was ICE CREAM!

What all does that involve?

First you tell the now-3-year-old to pose…and she does this:


Then you get little ice cream bowls and Styrofoam balls and put them in those bowls and set down as decoration and to be used later.


Then you tell the birthday girl to pose again and she does…


The rest of the décor includes getting the table fixed up with the ice cream fixings. What kind of fixings would you put out?

We had…syrups and cherries and pecans and marshmallows, and M&Ms, and strawberries and…I better stop. My keyboard doesn’t like drool on it.

IMG_3400IMG_3401 Punch It Up

And yes…the ice cream cones are the cake. Well the cake mix is inside them. I mean the actual cake. OKAY, what I mean is I googled some ideas for ice cream cone cakes and found that idea. Then I baked the mix accordingly inside the ice cream cones. How did they taste?

I ate one of the cupcakes instead.

Anyways…back to the little ice cream cone with the Styrofoam balls. What were they for?

We {meaning me} filled the ice cream cone piñata with suckers. That’s it. Just suckers. Like close to 400 little suckers. Sounds like a lot but it’s not really.

What we did with those suckers was the party favor. I had the kids push their suckers {after Shayne busted the piñata which was awesome} into the little Styrofoam balls.


My sweet little ice cream cone head kept eating her suckers. It’s okay. It was her party after all.

I hate most of the pictures that have me in them. I am more determined than ever to lose weight after viewing them. BUT I did want to show you one me and my party girl.

Sage and Mommy

Daddy and Sage after the piñata bust. I love this picture.


Then it was time to sing and blow out candles.


And then it was time for my favorite part.

Everyone getting their own ice cream sundae!


Sage picked strawberries, mm’s and pecans.

Again…it was her party so whatever…

We followed that with presents…

IMG_3456 IMG_3480

And lastly…

Sage stood up and told everyone, “THANK YOU!”


{p.s. see the ice cream things on top of the mantle? That was the finished project. Kinda cool right?}


There is one birthday party already in the works for the last party we have for the year for our kids. Stay tuned for that!