Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Items in a basket…

In this case…the basket would be…my mind.

Clever right?

Um. Yeah right. Okay then.

I have been working like crazy on a few shoots I’ve had recently.

My little camera, shot craps last night. As in finito. Cease to work. Dead.

Stormy has had a bug of some sort for the past couple of days.

Cooper has been sleeping in his crib. For some of the night anyways.

He still isn’t taking to formula like I would like. I am going to have to go cold turkey on nursing him.

He will be sad.

So will I.

My Mom had knee replacement surgery yesterday.

Everything went well.

It is going to be 105today where I live. Which is what it has been for awhile now.

People complain when it’s hot. When it’s cold. When it’s windy. Etc. I’m no different.

Although…I would love it to cool down to the low 90’s at this point.

Cooper no longer stays where we set him down. He is a boy on the move. He just inch worms along. And grunts as he goes. It is seriously funny.

I’m going to get a new little camera.

Yes. I still have the “good” one. I just don’t always feel like pulling it out.

My twin sister is having a rough time right now. It worries me.

My back-up drive has been full for a month. I finally ordered a new one.

I really hope nothing happens to my computer for a few days.

My house is…a mess to say the least. I have a plan of attack though.

Connor cut his hair in two places. It looks atrocious. I will share that in pictures…soon.


So now you know a few things in my basket right this second.

My plan of attack to get my house clean begins…as soon as I get off of the computer.

Which is now.



It’s now.


{hee hee}


Procrastinating much Debbie?


Huh? Me?


okay. Adios for a little bit. If I’m not back soon, send a search party. I will be at the bottom of the pile of junk I have to go through.

And one last thing…



Know what happened?

You will soon!

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