Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The last day of our vacation…AKA the day I decided driving 17 hours with 5 {sunburnt} kids is crazy.


“AGAIN with the camera Momma?!?”

So in the post that I was holding the camera up and I asked what was in the background, did you have any guesses?




Well, wait no more. Here is what was in the background:


Isn’t that a neat picture?

I thought so. I bet you have a better idea of what was in the background after looking at that picture right?

This one totally gives it away.


Yep. We are walking up the longest pathway for sunburnt bodies to have to walk up. We walked all the way up to see this:


After the long walk I read how much it costs to tour the carrier. 

So then, we just snapped a few pictures of what we could see from behind the gated off section.

It is very cool. I didn’t want to pay $14 per person when all my kids were ready to do was go home.

We snapped a few more pictures…


I didn’t see any jellyfish the entire time we were at the beach. Right below the ship however, there were tons! {they are the little white bubble looking things in the photo}


Not that I was worried about getting stung or anything.

I, personally, have no desire to swim beneath an aircraft carrier.

That was it. It was time to start the long drive home:


I have to tell you a few things about this trip.

1. We saw a movie being filmed on the highway. There was a camera {and assorted lighting setups} attached to the front of a truck that was being pulled by a bigger truck that was actually driving. Cool right?

2. Paul lost his Oakley sunglasses in the ocean.

3. I still giggle over how many times I made the seagulls get near my twin.

4. The night before we left, my kids temps {from being sunfried} were 103, 102, and 101.

5. I was up almost all night switching cool cloths and administering Tylenol.

6. I felt like doody too.

7. I hate sand.

8. I was and am heartsick that Paul lost his gold chain that I gave him the night before we got married. As a railroader, they are not allowed to wear wedding rings and he wore the chain in place of his ring.

9. Texas drivers are crazy. I have been driving for over half of my life now. I haven’t ever seen a rollover accident. Until Texas. There were 5 in under a week. SIGNALS PEOPLE. See the concrete barrier in the photo above? That was clean compared to most that I saw. Where we live, most are cleaner than that! {By cleaner I mean of course, the places you can tell have been “rubbed” by cars and trucks}.

10. The road system is soooooo different from Kansas. There, you take 5 highways to get to the frontage road to get to the highway you need to get to your location.

And lastly…

I’m so glad we went.

I’m so glad we are home.


  1. Poor babies (and parents)! Sorry about the burns but sooo glad you had the opportunity to have this moment together as a family!