Saturday, June 18, 2011

Leaving on jet plane don’t know when…

I’ll be back again.

I love that song.

I am leaving on a jet plane and don’t' know when I’ll be back again. I am leaving in a mini-van with my hubby and our 5 darlings. We will be back late next week!

And I can’t wait!!

I have set up a blog post to publish each day!! I also will try to blog a little while I am there. When the kids go to sleep. And I will still be using twitter on occasion. I am sooooo excited. We are leaving Saturday night. Yep folks, you read that right. We are leaving in the night. Why?

Because it is a 12-hour drive to where we are going and it’s best for the darlings to sleep the whole way there.

Paul is used to pulling all nighters for work. The plan is to drive all night, get there, check out a few things then check into the hotel that we just book the other night because I’m so on top of it it’s scary at check-in time at 3PM.

Where are we going?

Stay tuned.

I will show you!


  1. Have a wonderful time and be careful!!

  2. Where?..Where?...WHERE???...and yes, I am stopping my feet!