Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daily shots…

This will publish when I am on vacay with my family! So it is only as caught up as far as…Let’s see shall we?
We left off with June 5th being the last date I had done.
And if you are wondering…No. I don’t check to see before I start typing if I really have taken a photo each day. I know as soon as I start working on these posts and go to look in the PICTURES folder. So if I am in a bad mood while working on this post….it means I missed one.
So let’s see what my mood will be.
6.7.2011—Have you ever opened a box of rice with weevils in it? I did for the first time and I almost threw up. D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G
6.8.2011—Guess who can sit up but chooses not to?
6.9.2011—Pretty sky.
6.10.2011—I take a lot of pictures of him snoozing. I just can seem to help myself.—Also sometimes I am not sure if I snapped a picture for the day so I lean over and snap a quick one of him. See the time stamp on this one? BARELY MADE THE CUT!
6.11.2011—He paused for one second of his game time to make a face at Cooper. He didn’t know I was still taking pictures.
6.12.2011—If he plays ball as hard as he plays life he will be an all-star! Which he already is to me!
6.13.2011—Anytime I see people playing sand volleyball I always think of a very popular movie. Remember it? “Playing, playing with them boys”
6.14.2011—I was up at 2AM on this night. The storm clouds were rolling in. The moon was so bright behind them it was amazing. It looked like a sunset but with the moon. Something else I learned about myself? I will never be a good night time photographer. As evidenced in the photo.
6.15.2011—I have so many to choose from on this date. I decided to show you the back of one of my kids’ heads. I am always trying to come up with new fun ways to fix hair. I’m not that great at braiding. We both always end up yelling. So…lots of small ponytails instead.
So that’s it again.
I know. I’m already behind by the time you read this post. But…you can bet I have more to share!