Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coop’s first time swimming…

Here is the darling in his trunks. He’s posing for me.

My superstar.

And then I handed him to Paul. I was going to go in first with him but then I realized I would be in the pictures. Google beached whales and you may find a picture of me. So for now…I am content to be behind the camera. Even the little camera.

Cooper looked around. Not sure of what was going on.

He looked back at Daddy to make sure everything was okay.

And then he looked for his momma to save him from the cold water.

Which is why there aren’t any other pictures.

I saved him.


  1. Fantastic! Poor Cooper...1st it's cereal, then veggies...then, cold water!!! You know he's going to get back at you at some point! lol

  2. Look at his sweet little cheeks.