Saturday, May 28, 2011


I love storm clouds.

I can't really explain why. It's just one of those things.

On one of the storm days last week, I was out and about. Paul called me and told me the storm clouds were very cool looking. I asked him to grab my camera {the good one} and snap a few pictures. He told me he would after he got done mowing.

I get home and look at my camera. There are lots of pictures.

I should have told him to change the settings to AUTO because...this is what was on the camera:

A whole lotta white in the picture. Meaning...nada.

He did take pictures but the wb and exposure were off. WAAAAYYYY OFF.

So I grabbed the camera {the good one} and shouted to Paul I would be right back.

I drove for a little bit and stopped.

I took this picture:


Then I drove for a little bit more to a more secluded area and took this one:


Which I like but I played around with it. Because…that’s what I do.

This is the next version…which I love!

243 copy

It better represents the damage those clouds from that storm caused south of where we live.

I continued to drive and came across these horses. I made a clicking sound and only one horse looked at me.


And then they went on their way of ignoring me.


The storms that have caused so much damage are again…just heart wrenching.

And what do my kids think about them?

Stormy continues to tell anyone {including everyone at school earlier this week} that, “Mommy was in the shower when the sirens went off and so was Sage and I heard the sirens and I was crying and Daddy made her turn off the water and they heard the sirens and Mommy had to run down to the basement naked.”

Yes. All in one breath she says that. And I wasn’t totally naked. I had a towel wrapped around me. I grabbed a pair of pants and tee shirt and (shhh…underwear) before I darted down the stairs with my towel clutched in a death grip.


  1. Debbie, the cloud pictures are just amazing! Great job!!!

  2. Beautiful shots Sissy. I'm glad the storm didn't get you.