Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have to admit. I was worried. Thinking I had missed one of my days for my self-inflicted photo challenge. And guess what?

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Sonic is my favorite fast food place…EVER. Well…besides Taco Tico that is. But I don’t have a Taco Tico near me.



I love it when Paul holds Cooper. Cooper does too.




We had a sisters only weekend this past weekend. Cooper got to come too because…well…he’s only 4-months-old. We spend the whole day shopping and eating and just hanging out. It is really good for the soul to do this every once in awhile. You can’t tell but this shirt did say “I like hanging with my aunt.”  My sister, Leslie had a permanent marker in her purse so my oldest sister and my twin made the shirt say “ I like hanging with my auntS.”  He was so good. I had to twist major arms to see who would hold him. {yeah right. They all loved holding him.}



Can you see the time stamp on that picture? It says 1:40PM. Well…technically it says 13:40 which is military time for 1:40PM. It was so foggy out. It didn’t lift until much later when it began to storm. Crazy weather in the Midwest I tell ya.



This was the second picture I took. Paul says I blinded him with the first. He was rubbing his eyes. I was using my little Canon camera with the flash. I have to admit…I was seeing spots myself.



There it is. My photo challenge is still strong. We are already to March 1 and I haven’t missed ANY! I do have plenty more pictures and stories too so I better get busy!

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  1. Keep it up! I really enjoy looking at what's going on in your life!! love to all!!