Saturday, March 19, 2011

So many things weird in this picture:


Let’s examine it shall we?

Let’s go left to right.

Cooper and my niece, Alayna look great. Check out Connor. His pants were hiked up. His Batman socks are showing. Shayne does have a skirt on, but you can’t tell in the picture. Stormy looks good. She too is wearing a skirt, although you can’t see it. My niece, Ashlyn looks great. And Sage-oh my darling girl. Shoes that aren’t hers, legs open, diaper showing…

But…this is actually a pretty decent picture of their faces right?

Pick your battles baby.

Because I had ones that the faces…not very decent.


I’ll take this one:



  1. Funny that you picked out the weird stuff. I honestly don't think I would have noticed...I just look at all the beautiful faces! btw how did Sage end up with Ashes and not Alayna?

  2. Lovely crew. Poor little guys are completely outnumbered!