Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random post

No. This isn’t a post with random facts about any particular person. This is just a random post.

I am unfortunately in a cranky mood. I am telling myself to suck it up. It’s a process.

So what’s up with the mood?

A few reasons…

Connor threw a fit of biblical proportions today. Over his homework. This child is sooooo not ready for first grade. I’m not sure he was even ready for kindergarten. I should have stuck to my gut feeling on him. Now—he is paying for my mistake. Anyways…Homework sessions are always frustrating for both of us. I am trying to find the best way for him to learn. Problem? HE DOESN’T WANT TO. So the fit today was over him writing his last name. He wants me to do it for him. Or give him dots to trace. Or hold his hand. I think he can do it so I don’t want to baby him. ugh.

My house looks like an F5 tornado went through it. No matter how much work I do on it in one day, there is still more to do. It just doesn’t feel like it will ever be clean. And yes. I do make my children help. My sister told me this quote: “busy mothers make for slothful daughters.” Same can be said of sons too. Do I think it’s true? Yep. If I do everything for them they will always think someone will. I do their laundry yes. I make them put it away though. They are also perfectly capable of picking up. Sage is learning how to do this stuff already.

Someone made a comment to me about the number of children I have. More specifically when they said, “I assume you’re done now.” I said, “I would love to have one more but we’ll see.” She responded back with “You know they get expensive right? Don’t you want more for your children?” Um…wow. From someone that doesn’t have any kids. She was calling me selfish. Selfish for wanting a big to others family. Yeah. I’m selfish. I chose to not have a family and always put traveling and career first. Oh…wait. That wasn’t me. I am selfish I guess.

My hair. Do you think that when you go to a salon and tell the stylist you aren’t sure what you want their first thought is, “Sweet. Ugliest hair cut imaginable for them today.” That is what happened to me. I tried a new salon. I actually had them wash my hair also. I never do that. Mostly I just tell them I need my hair trimmed. So the washing…yep. Nothing like having your hair washed with the coldest water possible while the stylist is saying, “Don’t worry, it will get hot soon.” She wasn’t joking. It got hot. REALLY hot. And it kept splashing me in the face. Then she wrings my hair out. Hard. She wasn’t mean or anything. Just not gentle like you would think a stylist should be. I tell her I’m not sure what I want. Maybe a couple of inches off with some layers and also framing my face. And my bangs cut. She got seriously scissor happy with the layers and I now look…ugh. She didn’t cut too much off the total length. Thank God. Just the layers all around are almost as short as my bangs…were. Ah yes. My bangs. I love bangs. I have almost always had them. I know a lot of people that have don’t do bangs and they look great. My twin always looks normal when her bangs are grown out. I just don’t feel like me without them. She didn’t cut them. Not one little slice. And I thought I would be okay with it while I was at the salon. This morning however, I changed my mind. I grabbed my scissors and gave me back my bangs. Now the front of me looks like me. It’s just the side and back that looks like doody.

Sage’s new favorite thing to do is to play peek-a-boo with Cooper. Which is really very sweet. But then she grabs his little cheeks and squishes them together and says “PEEKBOO.” Poor little dude. I have to be on high alert when she’s near him.

Paul has been working his tail off. He hasn’t taken off a single day for the month of March. So pretty consistently working every 12—18 hours. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing seeing as how we like to eat and keep a roof over our heads and take care of our littles. No—I’m not grouchy about him working. I’m just randomly talking about things now.


No. He doesn’t have any teeth.

Shayne got in trouble this morning. I don’t care that she didn’t want to dress up for today’s spirit theme of Wacky Wednesday. I do care however, how hateful and full of attitude she was about it. Stormy dressed the part. Oh…that Stormy. Just wait til I show you a picture of her from today. Which I still have to take.071

No—that picture isn’t from today. I will be taking a picture of him. It’s Wednesday after all. I just wanted to share that one because…I like it.


  1. Hope you feel better now that you've vented a little, I mean blogged! I laughed over the part of Sage playing with Cooper (especially the cheeks)! Hopefully Paul can get a day off sometime soon so you guys can do something and finally, I can hardly wait to see Stormy's look for today!!

  2. Oh dear! You and I are in the same boat with now with out hair! I HATE MINE if you haven't been following that on Facebook!

    Breathe, your days will get better. Tomorrow is a new day.

    AND, can you believe that Brian told me he WANTS another baby!?!?! He thought it was cute me carrying Sage around and he wants to try for a little girl?!?!?