Monday, February 21, 2011


Nope. Not posting the photo challenge photo for today in this post. That will be up tomorrow hopefully.

Today Cooper had his 4 month check up.

My sweet Coop is measuring 12lb 1oz. {20%} and is 25 1/4 “ long {70%}. He is doing great. He still has his clogged tear duct. All my darlings did. It should pass when he turns 6 months old if he follows the pattern of the other kiddos. He got his shots. Three of them and one oral vaccine. Poor dude. We are sticking to Tylenol every 4 hours for him. Just to help ease some of the discomfort.

So…anyways…that’s pretty much it for my little post. I just wanted to get it down on “paper” somewhere before I forget.

I will post challenge photos tomorrow. Ah…sweet tomorrow. The kids go back to school after being out since last Wednesday (conferences).

And since I can’t resist…046