Thursday, January 13, 2011

What my living room looked like this morning…1.13.2011


058 061 062

Can you tell what they were doing?

Connor was playing Wii Fit…the running game.Sage was…bugging him.

Cooper was also doing his favorite exercise in the morning.


Sleeping of course.

Why were they playing the Wii Fit?

Because they saw me work out with for 32 minutes.

That’s right. I worked out.

And now…I am in agony. I am not going to be able to lift my arms up very much without groaning.

Wanna know something else I am not going to do unless absolutely necessary?

Eat the girl scout cookies that are calling my name.

“Yoohoo….Debbie…we’re over here. Remember, you and the scale are separated right now. The scale will never know. Yoohoo…Debbie…peanut butter patties are your favorite. Yoohoo….”

Stupid cookies. Guess I’ll have to eat a few to shut them up.

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