Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A little of this and that


Isn’t this beautiful?


I think so. My father-in-law and his wife got it for me for Christmas. I blogged about it on my “old” blog. I used it finally. I have to admit…it is just plain awesome. Some people {MOM complain about how much space these appliances take up. Well, it is a little big. It is a lot wonderful. So I will take the wonderful. And the brownies I made with it!!

The last time I did a photo challenge I took a picture of a weight scale about this same time of the year. I’m not going to do that. The scale and I are just not getting along. We have decided to separate until further notice. I will keep you informed if that changes. Only if it changes in a good way.



Normally I don’t post pictures of me where I look goofy. I really would prefer to not post pictures of me at all. The only time I think I look decent is when I’m prego (that’s a whole ‘nother post!). But I’m going to make an exception for today’s picture.

I am laughing because of the two-year-old diva. She just finished an Oreo cookie (one of the ones with guess what colored middles?).

The only one of my darlings not in that picture is Connor. Unless you see him. He is in there. Just not the older version of him.


  1. I love pictures of you! and yes, I noticed Connor!!!!

  2. I'm jealous! I want a KitchenAide sooo bad. Maybe for my birthday in February!