Friday, January 21, 2011

20/365 Anyone know what yesterday was?


290302306 bw

307 310 bwc

331 bw



346 bw


Yep. It was the 20th of January. Which also means my sweet 5th born child turned 3 months old.

He weighs around 14.5 pounds now I think. He wears size 1 diapers. Or the size 1-2 from Pampers (which I love!). He sleeps for seven hours at night usually. He still gets hiccups all the time. He loves when people talk to him. He nurses like a champ but really doesn’t care for his bottles, even though they have the same milk he gets from me. It just isn’t the same I guess. He coos a lot. He still naps in his little seat during the day. He likes having his hair washed. He makes me smile.

Okay…back to the photos. Which ones do you like? I used to not like black and whites very much. Now I am so drawn to them. I still love color, don’t get me wrong. How could I not love the bluest of blue eyes in photos? But there is just something about the black and whites.

So what do you think? Black and whites? Color? Both?

Again… I agree!


  1. They are ALL adorable but the second one is just priceless to me!! I love the closeup!!

  2. I love them all! He is just so darn cute!!! love the smile!!!!